Robert Richards Curriculum vitae

Bordeaux, France 33200

+33 6 58 27 52 06


Have been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years, either learning, leading, following, developing, or teaching. Know how to write a design document as well as follow them. Currently specializing in Ruby and Rails development with Postgres or MySql, and currently working on an AngularJS/Rails application. Experience working from startups to large corporate environments, and enjoy working as part of a team or a remote resource.


Dec 2015–Feb 2016

Rails Team Lead

World Effica (remote part-time)

  • Contracted to lead small team of Rails developers.

  • Research reporting software, mobile friendly.

Environment: Ruby, Rails, CSS, HTML5, Git.

May 2015–Sept 2015

Senior Rails Consultant

Bluefox / Setelia (remote part-time)

  • Contracted to provide improvements to current application.

  • Tasks included authenticated logins, admin panels, and background jobs & caching.

Environment: Ruby, Sinatra(Rails), Resque/Redis, CSS, Git.

May 2012–Sep 2014

Senior Rails Consultant

Cenovus Energy/HP International, Calgary, Alberta Canada / San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Maintain daily operations of Corporate Rails Applications.

  • Develop, test, peer-review, and deploy small enhancement projects.

  • Supported and maintained high profile fundraising applications.

  • Mentored junior developers.

Environment: JRuby, Rails, Java, Oracle, Javascript, and CSS.

Feb 2011–Apr 2012

Senior Rails Developer

Railyard Media, Victoria, BC (Canada)

  • Designed and implemented web application for Advertising/Publishing broker firm.

  • Application has authenticated login and session management as well as account maintenance for an administrator, Advertiser and Publisher.

  • Responsible for db management and Heroku deployment to cloud.

  • Responsible for all technical aspects of the company.

Environment: Ruby, Rails, Heroku, MySql, Postgres, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and GIT.

Dec 2010–Jan 2011

Rails Software Engineer

Syndik8ed Media, Victoria, BC (Canada)

  • Developed internet based software for niche market using Rails.

  • Develop Linux scripts for setting up new servers and software.

  • Pilot studies in using NoSql tables provided by GAE.

Environment: Rails, GAE, MySql Cluster, Linux, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GIT, and Mercurial.

Sep 2010–Nov 2010

Software Engineer

1089103 Alberta Ltd, Edmonton, AB (Canada)

  • Providing technical and business expertise for responding to an RFP for medical research.

  • Developing medical project management and research workflow software in Python.

  • Enhancing a Java web based data collection for patient information.

Environment: Python, Java, Oracle, Linux, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and GIT.

Jun 2010–Aug 2010

Software Engineer

AddonX, New York, NY (USA)

  • Provided a wide range of expertise to get a software product IPO ready.

  • Ruby on Rails development with css, HTML and javascript requirements.

  • Enhanced application, added features, fixed old bugs, and undertook a complete GUI makeover.

Environment: Rails, Ruby, Capistrano, Linux, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SVN, MySQL, and XPI.

Jul 2006–May 2010

Senior Developer (part time)

I Am Designs, Edmonton, AB (Canada)

  • Provided technical support for medium sized businesses.

  • Provided expertise in new development projects, design and programming.

  • Provided maintenance and enhancements to live production systems.

Environment: CMS, Java, Eclipse, PHP, PhpEd, Zend, MySQL, PostgreSql, Linux, and Apache.

May 2009–Aug 2009

Senior Developer

Ebo World, Edmonton, AB (Canada)

  • Developing custom Rails applications using Agile development methodology.

  • Convert existing Java web app to Rails.

Environment: Ajax, Css, Javascript, MySql, Rails, Ruby, and Windows.

Oct 2008–Nov 2008

Rails Developer

uBoost, Honolulu, HI (USA)

  • uBoost is an educational web site for K-12 that uses Rails technology.

  • Development and maintenance tasks on the Ruby on Rails application.

Environment: Mac, Rails, Ruby, MySql, and Jira.

Apr 2008–Sep 2008

Senior Java Developer

IBM Canada/BC Government, Victoria, BC (Canada)

  • Java expertise for the BC Governments Real Estate Division.

  • Tririga data and code conversion utilizing a customized IBM Java framework.

Environment: Eclipse, Java, Mantis, Oracle, SunOS, Tririga, and Windows.


Sep 1984–Apr 1988

Bachelor of Science

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (Canada)


Computer skills

Proficient: Ruby/Rails, Java, Git, Haml, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pik, RSpec, RVM, SQL, and Windows.

Used previously: Java, Oracle, Eclipse, Jira, PHP, Python, SVN, and Tririga.

Job-related skills

Mentored Junior developers in all aspects of position responsibilities.

Managed offshore testing teams and mitigated offshore problems for management.

Able to break down complex business/technical problems into key drivers.

Open source projects

Started working on project for a wildlife sanctuary. AngularJS application, currently with a Rails backend.